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Gurey works to answer a long list of emails, some of which he must translate for his clients, during a typical workday at Neighborhood House. As a social worker, he spends time “working with the local people, advocating for them, providing resources for them, whatever needs they have. To help eliminate and reduce poverty and help them develop self-sufficiency.”

When he moved to the area, he also saw that many East African youths were doing poorly in school, exhibiting behavior problems or joining gangs.

He says, “They needed someone to help them. So I created a culture and character education program. I teach them good character, life skills, public speaking, civic education and leadership. Immigrants are searching for identity, they are in between, they don’t understand the system and they don’t know where they come from. So I teach them what is good in America and where they come from. I help them to understand their parents and help their parents to understand their kids.”