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Omar takes a quick break after completing his online schoolwork to watch a Youtube video at his desk at home. During the school week, Omar tries to abide by a daily schedule, supervising himself at home. History is his favorite subject in school. His least favorite is math.

“I get up early, at 4,5,6,7,8…. I’m one of the types of people that wakes up anytime I want. I wake up before school starts, before I have to do my work. I take 6 classes a day and each of them takes an hour. I’ll do a 30-minute study and then I take math, biology, modern history, English, and art--which I don’t like as much. They send me all the materials I need for each experiment at the beginning of the semester. Usually I finish around 7 or 8. I go to bed around 11 to 10.”