When I met him, Jordan Clarke seemed like a pretty normal guy in his 20s--and it turns out he is. He also happens to be transgender. Having transitioned from female to male, he loves moments like the feel of stubble on his cheek and being called 'sir' when buying coffee. In fact, that single word is half the reason he buys it. "It's little things like that that are a part of everyone's day that can show the silent personal triumphs of my transition," he explains. What might be a day filled with ordinary moments for others became one that carries significance for him.
Before transitioning, he felt uncomfortable and inauthentic living in his body. A theater student, Jordan likened the experience to playing a character or watching himself in third person. Now he loves the physical freedom and comfort that came with the aid of testosterone, wielding this new-found physical energy with sometimes childlike excitement. However, such change has also affected his relationships. He has lost a few friends due to his transition, sometimes getting negative reactions from female friends.
As I showed him the results of our last shoot, he told me he wanted to come from a place of honesty. To him, the photos say that, "...you can think whatever you want about me, but it won't be because I'm trans." If people judge him, he wants them to base it on his present actions as a man, not as someone who was once female. As I got to know him, I tried to show who he is in an honest way--he's just a guy.
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