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Morgan Stinson, 18, who is a volunteer at the Oso Fire Department, tries to fix his truck as his nephew Keith Woods, 7, threatens to drop a wrench in the front outside the Stinson home in Oso on Thursday, April 3, 2014. Morgan has been to the slide site, or the "pile" several times, both digging and as acting as a scribe. After the Stinsons returned home from a mandatory evacuation when the mudslide hit, their home became a throughway for around 13 relatives and family friends volunteering in shifts at the site. Nikki Stinson, who kept the house running during the two weeks after the slide, says she's "..inspired by the strength of victims looking for their family members. I can't even imagine." Nikki says everyone in the community is just doing their part. "I'm proud to say that we live in Oso. I'm proud of my boys, of our whole community."